Hi! I saw that there was an introductions tag, and therefore inferred that introductions were allowed. So I'm gonna make one.

I'm Sophia. I'm twenty years old, and I like video games. I mean, not to be vague; I've put like a thousand hours in Guild Wars (still, to this day, still playing), I've only just beaten Diablo II with a friend, I've restarted my Pokemon Emerald save on a Game Boy Micro a friend sent, and I always check out the Humble Bundles, indie developers, etc. I have a Steam account -- it's Chiaro.

I'm really new to Dreamwidth? But there's also something intoxicating about it. I feel like a member of a (somewhat) esoteric subculture; I feel like there's something a bit more tightly-knit about it all. It's really nice. I'm still navigating the community scenes, though; there's no easy way to see top communities in a handy directory beyond 'recommendation' pages several years old.

I'm also a trans girl; I've been taking estrogen for about 14 months and live my life presenting female, etc. etc. I don't think it defines my identity as something, well, separate from 'geek femininity' (whatever that is) but my opinions are somewhat informed from a more trans-focused feminism. I mean this as an aside for the future, haha.
Hey everyone, just wanted to say I love this community like burning. It's super great to get to know a lot of other girl gamers and chat about our favorite games :)

I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up about a certain Mass Effect Community I just started, [community profile] fuckyeahshakarian because I have waayyy too many Mass Effect feels (ESPECIALLY after the new Citadel DLC) and wanted a place to swap stories and share the fun.

And if anyone would be up for making a Mass Effect in general community too, I would totally be cool with helping to co-mod that, cause from what I can tell, there ISN'T ONE HERE ON DW. Which is sad. Very sad. I mean, there's the [community profile] bioware comm which is GREAT but y'know, not Mass Effect specific.
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New to Dreamwidth and getting back into gaming after not playing for several years. I used to play several games on various versions of Nintendo and then later the Playstations. Recently I bought a PS3 and Metal Gear Solid 2 after reading a few reviews, and I'm looking for recommendations for additional games.

I'm interested in first person shooter/role playing games, preferably with a science fiction setting. Since I'm hard of hearing there needs to be subtitles for dialogue and other audio cues in game play.

I also wouldn't mind adding more people to my reading list!
Hey there! I'm eleanore, the epitome of a geeky girl gamer. ;)

I adore BioWare and I'm also a big fan of the old Fallout games by Interplay (as well as Fallout New Vegas). I tend towards RPS or Management/Life/War Sims but I've been known to join up in an MMO or an online shooter.

My game of the moment is Dragon Age. Oh goodness. I could go on and on about that game. ;) I'm into it more for the characters, which is typical of me, but I also like the lore/story that BioWare crafted for it. I've only played Origins for the moment but I plan on finishing out the series with Awakening, II, and the eventual (hopefully!) third game.

On that note, I leave you with a little in joke for my fellow DA nerds. :)

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Newbie here, not just to this community but also to DW so bear with me. :)
Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Jodie, I live in Australia, I love to play Assassin's Creed, Gears of War, Halo, SW: Republic Commando, Mass Effect and Saints Row. I also love to play the old classics like Donkey Kong, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VIII. 
I've been gaming since I was eight years old, I don't have an XBL account (yet) but I play video games more for the storyline and characters than for the multiplayer. I'd occasionally make fan arts such as icons, wallpapers, and also hand-drawn stuff.
Feel free to add me, I love making new friends! :)
Halloo all! First post, and I'm looking for opinions and input.

My (brief) story, but mostly I'm trying to decide which console to buy in the near future. )

So...what do you guys think? Am I right in my thoughts of Xbox vs. PS3 in terms of RPG gaming? Are there considerations that I haven't thought of?
Hey Everyone!
For those of you with a Playstation, I'm sure you've heard of all the trouble Sony has had after its network was hacked about a month ago. The good news is that they are back up, and moving towards business as usual.

And to reward customers for their patience, Sony is offering a bunch of stuff, including FREE games:

All Playstation Network customers will get 2/5 games:
  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • Little Big Planet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Wipeout HD + Fury
All PSP users get to choose 2/4 games:
  • LittleBIgPlanet (PSP version)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation
I know some people are unsatisfied with that, but I think it's pretty generous of Sony, especially when they are just as much the victim of the attack as us players were. I expect that once the PSN store is finally up they will offer sales too, to help entice us to come back.

What do you guys think about all of this? Did Sony do enough? Should they do more? Has anyone traded in their PS3 for an Xbox as a result of this? Which games will you download? (I already have LBP, so I'm thinking Dead Nation and WipeoutHD for the PS3, and Modnation Racers and Killzone Liberation for the PSP).

Just curious!

Also, I guess I should introduce myself! Ha! I forgot I'd been lurking here and hadn't made an official hello.

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Where to begin? I go by the name Bat (self appointed nickname) and I'm 24 years old. I've played video games since I was in diapers. My mom is a gamer too , has been since before I was born (and STILL is at 45). The very first system I played was Atari as a baby and later, Nintendo (when it was brand new - my mom had to have it). I seem to have a natural knack for playing video games, be it from playing from such a young age or out of luck, and I tend to piss off (usually my bro) or amaze people with my skills (don't misjudge though, I'm not cocky nor do I compete, just play because I love to). I've also recently realized that my seven year old sister is a gamer. <3

I love RPG games above all other genres but I play everything. Can't play FPSs for too long though because they start making me nauseous. Also don't play MMORPG games because I have an old computer. T-T

Consoles I currently own: XBox (broken though *sigh*), Game Boy (still have mine from when I was eight!), Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP, DS (recently acquired from my mom), half ownership of my brother's PS2 (odd story), and I use to own a PS1 (gave it to my bro) and a Game Gear (but someone stole it). Currently looking to acquire a Wii or 360. x3

I've played just about every other console though, except for Dreamcast. >.<

Favorite Games: Final Fantasy series (played/ing I, VII[OGC and DoC] - X-2, XII and XII: RW, and all Tactics games (which I love the most out of the series), Silent Hill series (played 1 - 4), Metal Gear Solid series (played 1 - 3), Fable series (played 1 and some of 2), Resident Evil (played 3 - 5, but none of the side ones), Wild Arms 3, Jade Empire, Thief: Deadly Shadows (so much love), Jet Set Radio Future, Elder Scrolls series (PWNEDplayed 3 and a wee bit of 4), Pokemon games (shameless love), Yugioh games (and cards too - both pre-GX), Legend of Zelda series (played 1 - Ocarina of Time *is behind*), Bioshock series, Deus Ex series (CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEW ONE!), Street Fighter 2 (old school love!), Spryo games, Tomb Raider games, Splinter Cell series (played all except the most recent one!), Whacked (silly XBox game but I love it *guilty pleasure game*), Marc Ecko's Getting Up, Project Overkill, Wild 9, Sims Castaway, and recently, MySims Agents. Got to play Assassin's Creed once too and I LOVED it, but I just don't have the console for it. *weeps*

And from my favorite games list, you can currently assume one thing about me - I love variety. xD

I also occasionally write fanfiction for games, mostly Final Fantasy stuff but I've written Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid fics too. I write mostly femslash/yuri stuff, but there's some het and slash fics too. I plan to do some Final Fantasy fanart soon and I've drawn Spyro the dragon and use to do a lot of Pokemon drawings as well (did a picture of Goku from the Dragonball games/anime once too). =3

Nice to meet you all!
Hi, everyone! I'm new to both Dreamwidth and this community, and I'm glad to be here. :-) My name is Lisa and I'm 24. I'm a verrrrry big Nintendo fan, and most of my favorite games have the word "Mario" in them. XD Apart from anything and everything involving out favorite Italian plumber, the games I enjoy most are platformers, adventures, and puzzle games.

Some of my favorite games are:
--Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy for the PS2 <--probably my favorite game of all time
--Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
--Luigi's Mansion
--Super Mario Sunshine
--Magical Starsign for the Nintendo DS
--NyxQuest for WiiWare, another favorite - I can play it over and over
--Nancy Drew PC game series

Pleased to meet you all!
 Hello, just joined and I thought I'd introduce myself. Was a member of the LJ community girl_gamers but I noticed the other day it had been deleted, no idea why... anyhow.

I'm a varied gamer, I'm quite happy to play anything that's fun! Big fan of FPS and RPGs (huge, huge 'Fallout' fan - bought an xbox just to play the new game as there was no chance of my laptop playing it!). Pretty much love things with a challenging adventure to them. I used to call myself a PC gamer but as games get more advanced I end up playing them on my xbox because I don't have the money/time/energy to upgrade/replace my laptop.
It occurs to me, after looking at the tags, that I should have perhaps introduced myself first. So, here goes.

My name's Jacqueline. I live in Alaska. I try to spend a good deal of time outside, but I live in a rain forest with long dark winters, so I get a fair amount of indoor time, and gaming is a big part of that.

I'm a huge fan of interactive fiction, and I'm actually pretty active in the IF community. I run a weekly online IF gaming group (ClubFloyd), and each summer I run a programming competition mostly targeted at new authors/programmers (IntroComp). I like to write reviews of interactive fiction, graphic adventure, and sometimes videogames, though in writing this it occurs to me that there are a bunch of reviews piled up over at my LiveJournal account that I really need to port over to my website. Oh well, winter's coming, and there'll be time enough for that.

Maybe it's because I live in a really remote place (most of what I play is acquired by download), but I don't always run out to get the next cool thing. A lot of the stuff I love to play has been around awhile, and doesn't get old. Right now I'm rotating between Warband, American McGee's Alice, Planescape, and the occasional Civ 4, Tropico or Zangband game. I'm not, like, morally opposed to consoles, it's just that I already can't find enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do, and buying a console seems like a guaranteed way to lose yet more of my life.

On the table these days I seem to be quite fond of Arkham Horror, Tobago, Illuminati, Race for the Galaxy, Dominion, and Gloom.

I keep trying to get more into RPG stuff... my husband tried crafting something for me from scratch that he thought I'd love (and I do!), but for some reason we don't play it very often. He is of the opinion that most of the fun of RPGs is it being done with other people, but we live in a really small town (less than 1000 people), so that pretty much leaves online role playing. I have a group of friends that get together online and play a lot, so maybe I should ask if they'd take a newbie under their wing. Something to think about.

Anyway, that's me, gaming-wise. Glad to see this community exists. I was at PAX East this spring, and it seems to me there's more girls out there than people seem to think.

Looking very forward to watching this community!
Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into gaming, a bit about yourself, what your favourite games are. Let's get comfortable and get to know each other!