So I died twice in the game yesterday. Actually, the first party all died during the first lion hunt. It was, indeed, brutal. While hunting down the lion, we were pelted with acid rain that hurt us all severely even before we encountered the monster. Add to that a nasty card from the lion's deck called Clever Ploy that negates your hits, gets you attacked, and then gets shuffled back into the deck. We were pretty much doomed when the card came up the second time, and the third? I think that's when someone's head exploded. Two of us already had cerebral hemorrhages by that time.

We had decapitations, another head explosion, and the party was dead as doornails. Back to the village, were there was more population to make characters of. Two died by committing suicide together. The weight of this crazy, uncaring world was just too much for their delicate sensibilities.

The different phases take a while, partly because it's hard to learn so many new things at once. We finally figured out that if one person read from the book and another manipulated the many decks of cards, things went a lot smoother.

Combat can be really discouraging. You roll to hit, but then you roll to see IF you do damage. A hit doesn't automatically do damage, unless you throw some weapons, which then is an automatic critical. Take my advice, if you get to ambush the monster, make sure there's a critical in that first attack. It will make a huge difference.

I do like that the cards used by the monsters in combat will vary from hunt to hunt. I don't want to play a game where I know all the things that are going to happen.

The only thing that made me twitch was when one character was assigned the impairment of Binge Eating Disorder. That hit a hot button for me, as I have that, and I felt the concept was perverted in the game.

Other than that, I'm having a fabulous time at it. There were a lot of laughs, nobody got really upset when they died. We all went insane.  I don't know that I'd spend the money on the full game, but I'll enjoy playing, especially if we manage to survive with a village of six.

I can keep up with these updates if people are interested. I'd really love to see this group active again. If not, no worries.
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From: [personal profile] jewelfox

I remember a trick for fighting the lion, if you're interested. >_>

Also sure, go for it! Although re: eating disorders; yeah, the game is not very sensitive overall. I'm pretty sure its biggest fans tend towards the "freeze peach" mindset, in defence of its more rape-y models and events.
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Ah, okies. Yeah, I think you want to alternate tanking duties (?) and have everyone else attack from behind. That's the "trick."

I seem to remember throwing foundation stones is a bad idea in the long run, but it seems like if reaching the long run is the problem that might not be a big thing.

Good luck o7



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