Twisted Island

The playground of the forgotten goddess.

Toto, this doesn't quite seem like Kansas anymore. The island is far from the world you remember. This isn't your home, this isn't even Earth from as far as you can tell. But why? How did you get here? It seems the whims of an unknown and forgotten goddess has decided to make you her plaything, dragging you from your world and timeline and placing you on an inescapable island. Welcome to Twisted Island, where anything can happen and it usually does.

The island changes with the mood of the goddess. It’s her playground and you are one of the very many toys in it. But you’re not alone. There are others stuck on the island just like you and if you’re lucky the goddess didn't just steal you away, but friends and family you know as well. Best idea though? Make friends, powerful friends. Make sure there are people to watch your back because when the island starts to change, you're going to need every little bit of help you can get.

Will you survive, or will you give up and break under the pressure? Apply and become one of the many playthings that the goddess loves to toy with on Twisted Island. Only canon characters are allowed. The game will start May 10, 2015. Go check out the Wanted Characters or Holds page and get your application in!

Game will start on May 10th. APPLY TODAY.

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effingunicorns: four hellebore flowers in a dusty dark blue, two shades of pink, and white (Default)

From: [personal profile] effingunicorns

A few things:

1) This really isn't a community for advertising LJ/IJ/DW-based RP, as I would think is obvious if you actually look at the profile or recent posts. I can see you've found some of those other communities; in the future you'd do best to stick to them.

2) I don't know what the advertising culture is like over on IJ, but in the broader DWRP community (which, I must reiterate, this community is not a part of) a lot of people view the various comms directly rather than from reading pages. Seeing only your game ad over and over can rapidly become counterproductive when viewed that way.

3) A lot of major advertising for both players and games occurs at [personal profile] app_this_plz the last Saturday of every month. In most cases you might also consider the Game Advertisements thread in the current entry at [community profile] rpanons--some anons might still be touchier than usual about IJ games there right now, but since your game doesn't require PBs for anime, video game, etc. characters, you shouldn't have too much trouble.

I can't promise you'll get interest in your game by following these suggestions, but at the very least you'd be advertising in the right place.
thene: Happy Ponyo looking up from the seabed (Default)

From: [personal profile] thene

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU this is the third time this bullshit spamlord has hocked their shitty jamjar RP on this community and I was looking for a place to report them to DW admins for spamming.
effingunicorns: four hellebore flowers in a dusty dark blue, two shades of pink, and white (Default)

From: [personal profile] effingunicorns

At least if they do it again after this, we'll know it's deliberate and not an inhumanly strong case of willful ignorance.


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