Some that I wrote recently:

  • Software Bride: *Mute / female Investigator. Rewrites the ending of Analogue: A Hate Story to explain why you're married to her at the start of Hate Plus. Content note: All The Feels.

  • Xcom: A Hate-ful Aperture Science Story: A crack fic based on the 2012 remake, where most of Xcom's personnel get replaced with AIs ... much to female!Commander's chagrin. Features characters from Analogue, Hate Plus, and (of course) Portal.

  • Analogue: A Hate Story: A complete fanfiction adapt of Christine Love's transhumanist sci-fi visual novel. Features cosplay, patriarchy, and cute AI girls who may or may not be mass murderers. Software Bride, above, is also the final chapter of this story.

Feedback and/or flames are appreciated! Or at least the former ~

Anyone else have recommendations?



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