Hi all,

Still DMing 4e, same homebrew world though with a different party, with a different short-term goal. Circumstances are sending them to the Underdark to rescue a kidnapped mage.

So, this is my opportunity to create yet another culture, this one generally ruled by evil. I did, however, want to put my own stamp on things.

Since I know plenty of players who will play a Drow who is of good alignment or at least neutral, I wanted to work that in. At the same time, I envision a culture that is very much every sentient being for his or herself. So, I'm including some of the following elements and I'd love to have more.

  • Very mercenary attitude. First and foremost, "What's in it for me?"
  • Strength is power. The more tattoos and piercings you have, the more you can tolerate pain, therefore you are seen as stronger.

  • Helping the weak is seen as weakness
  • Extreme classism
  • The law is to be followed yes, but it is also to be bent into Alexandrian knots to make it serve one's purposes

  • Money is also power, so greed isn't a sin, it's a necessity

  • There will be slavery. There isn't much that is more evil than that.

  • I'm going for a lawful evil vibe, which I think can be scarier than chaotic, if I do it right. People with their own code of conduct, of honor, even. Methodical, intentional evil. People who would care about loyalty, tradition, and their own version of order. People probably very comfortable in a clearly-defined hierarchy.

    It occurs to me that I may be taking on too much.

    There will be all races, because I find that infinitely more interesting.

    I'd love some input. Have at it!
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