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I'm running a D&D 4e campaign, six players, home-brewed world. I am having a difficult time getting the party to role-play. I've given them openings for discussion, like long rides or time curled up around the campfire. I've introduced characters they can ask questions of, I've given extra XP for good roleplaying. That gets touchy because one of the best roleplyers is my boyfriend.

Two others of the party are fantastic role players. Another is great at it if he can be coaxed out of Quiet Mode (if you met his older brother, you'd understand).

The big problem is the "leader" of the party. He's great at conceptualizing--he made a nifty character--but his follow-through sucks. The player's personality isn't chock full of leadership, and it's the same for the character.

Any suggestions?
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