So I just finished A Link Between Worlds and man, that was a fun game. There's a lot in common with A Link to the Past, which I've also played, so it did make it a bit easier in some of the boss battles. But what I enjoyed the most is how they expanded past the earlier game.

The new mechanic for this game was the ability to merge with the walls and do some 2D movement in a 3D game. And I really loved how they made use of this mechanic through out the entire game. Unlike some other Zelda mechanics - the one I hate the most is blowing into the damn mike in Spirit Tracks - I found this one really smooth and very handy. It did take some mental adjusting for me at first, because they set up some 3D red herrings that look like solutions at first.

One of the other changes which was interesting to me was that you could get access to almost all the weapons pretty early in the game. You meet a little merchant who will rent you the equipment - he takes it back if you die in battle, so you have to re-rent it. But you will soon get an option to just buy the weapons at a much higher price, which is handy for a side quest that you can use to upgrade the weapons you own. As soon as I could, I went with buying the weapons which left me with a steadily growing pile of rupees that I didn't really have much to spend on besides the odd potion. The game makes it really easy to earn money, so at least if you're going for the rent option through the entire game, it won't be as painful if you die a lot.

There was also some really clever puzzles and dungeons. Not only is the 2D mechanic worked into various sections, but there's some really neat light based puzzles too. Like, if the torches are lit, you see one path, but turn the lights off and you see something else entirely and you sometimes have to flip between the two to get around. I'm usually not the strongest with dungeons, but I found that most times, when I got stuck in the dungeons, it was a matter of setting the game aside for a bit and then going back to it and spotting the one door I missed on my first run through.

The plot itself is pretty standard Zelda until you get to the end and then it just blew me out of the water. Enough that I kind of want a sequel with the Dark World characters now. Also, I heard that we were going to get a message about Majora's Mask in this game, since there's been a bunch of fans asking for it to come to the 3DS - including me, I never got to play it in it's original form. And there is the game's title mask hanging on Link's wall at the start of the game. It's made me rather hopeful.

Anyways, I had a lot of fun with A Link Between Worlds and I had a very hard time putting the game down. (The Save option suggested that I take a break very, very often.) Has anyone else played it yet? What did you guys think?


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