So I tried the game last weekend, but I don't know that I got a real feel for it. It ended up with 8 people at the gathering, and that's way too many. KDM is best with 4. They have rules for expanding up to 6, but it basically means 2 people get killed really quickly and you're back down to 4. 

Due to time constraints, we only played one scenario each. The first group that played killed a lion, but they lost a few people. This meant they had to decide what their culture did with the dead. The choices were bury or eat. They chose to eat them. Fire has not yet been discovered.

My group killed the lion, though not easily. We did do it without deaths, which was nice.

The game play is interesting. You need some d10, and the target rolls are on the cards related to the monster's attack. The more you hit it, the more you can remove attacks from the monster's playbook (which is a deck of cards). 

Overall, my first impression is that the game is really well written. Starting everyone off with only a loincloth for armor seems hardly necessary and an excuse to have hypersexualized female art.

The miniatures are detailed and those who like miniatures are going to love them. I've never cared about them all that much.

Will be trying again in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I'm going to upgrade my D&D 4e campaign to 5e. We're using Roll20 because I moved away from the main group. Still some kinks to be worked out, but combat should go much quicker.



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