I'm new to Shadowrun, and after a lot of fussing about putting my character together, learning the HeroLab application the Overthinkers finally had a session.

Good things and bad things. I like the world building, I like the die system (and hey, an excuse to buy new dice!). I like the variety of characters you can play. It's a bit odd for me to have elves and trolls in a post-modern world, just like it's new to me to play a game with both magic and tech (though I certainly read enough urban fantasy to be familiar with the concept).

I didn't think much of the canned adventure, however. Very little room for team building and character development. The small quests led to the conclusion in a disturbingly linear fashion. The clues to tie the mini-quests together were embarrassingly obvious.

We have a couple of trolls in the group, two elves (one that my character has dubbed "Princess) and two humans. Two of the guys are playing women, the other woman is playing a woman and I'm playing Sloan.

I got Sloan's name from a character in two very different books. One is the best interrogator in Minneappolis from John Sandford's Prey series. Even his wife calls him Sloan. The other is from Seanan McGuire's Indexing, and the character is badass, has questionable ethics and is always a hair away from exploding into an evil stereotype.

And I thought it would be a nice way to stretch myself if I played a character of, not the opposite sex, but of no discernible sex at all. Sloan is of medium height, medium build, flat-chested, low waist-hip ratio, dresses androgynously, and is a touch anti-social. High praise from Sloan is, "You might be all right."

My boyfriend's character (this would be Princess) was polite enough to ask what pronouns Sloan prefers. The answer was, as you might guess, "Sloan." It's going to be difficult for the others to write mission reports. One of the trolls refers to Sloan as "it." That gets him an eyeroll and a comment similar to "don't be an arse."

One of my recent D&D characters was a woman in the military who worked intelligence missions, there wasn't much time for other kinds of fun. Another wore cloth armor in battle, and stylish dresses the rest of the time. She was also known to enjoy a cup of tea in a fancy cafe if one was about.

How have y'all played off-gender? What did you get out of it. Any thoughts on Shadowrun?


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